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Raising the Roof

Looking for more industrial space? Either build out your footprint at $120 psf and have your taxes reassessed, or else cut your roof out and raise it for $50 psf and keep your taxes the same.

New Pharmaceutical building on Oser Dr in Hauppauge

This is the future of industrial space on Long Island. Being that Long Island is flooded with obsolete manufacturing buildings with large foot prints and low ceilings, raising roofs is suddenly a great option. If the property has good loading capability, if you can get a 54' trailer into a loading position, this property is prime for this conversion.

The process starts with cutting the ceiling away from the walls. The process is best described as a series of temporary hydraulic post-shores that can be extended to nearly any reasonable height. Each post is built up with bolted sections. The bottom of the post is contained within a frame that holds a 25-ton capacity hydraulic jack which pushes the post upward and allows new sections to be added at the bottom as lifting progresses. This allows any clear height without the added cost of moving the lifting mechanism up the column and welding on additional steel.

All hydraulic work is done at ground level, the hydraulics are not suspended from a location 15 or more feet off the ground, which ensures the safety and speed of all hydraulic work.

Once the roof is raised, new columns are put in,

then the walls are extended up to the ceiling. All building systems remain in place on the ceiling, drains get extended.

To meet the new requirements of import/export distribution type companies, roof raises are being implemented. There will only be more of these as time goes on!

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